Christians must fulfil God’s calling, says pastor


CHRISTIANS must fulfil God’s calling in their lives, a pastor says.
Ps Amen Ulaiasis is the founder of the Flaming Evangelistic Ministry (FEM) in East New Britain.
He told eight grade eight students of the FEM Academic School and 20 students of the FEM Pastors Training Centre at Marmartage in the Gazelle’s Inland Baining local level government that they had to fulfil their goals as they venture into a new chapter in their lives.
“You are now ready to go into one of the new institutions, and you must know that you are the future leaders of the Baining people,” he said.
“You have taken this knowledge to look after our future generation.
“The future generation is in your hands.
“When you go to a new institution, work hard, study and most importantly, put God first in everything you do.”
He told the 20 pastors that they were now ready to move the missions.
“Stand firm in your Christian faith as anointed women and men of God. Stand firm as a pastor.
“The Holy Spirit is your helper,” Ps Amen said.