Christians remined of spirit of lent


With Easter a few weeks away, Christians are being urged to get closer to God in prayer and be holy during this Lent.
Lent is the period of 40 days leading up to Easter, which celebrates Jesus’s death on the cross and his resurrection.
Lae Catholic Bishop Rozario Menezes said Christians should trust God and get closer to him.
“In order to go closer to God, we must be holy in our lives,” he said.
“It requires holiness unto the Lord.
“Lent is a time to trust God and go closer to him.
“Jesus wants us to sit and eat with him during this period of lent.
“He died that by his blood we are cleansed holy to inherit God’s kingdom.”
Fr Rozario said that in the Book of Jeremiah 33, it is prophesied that God will fulfil all his promise.
He urged Christians to always pray and help religious people like priests, nuns and brothers to be holy.
“Don’t involve them in unholy activities and environment,” he said.
“Some environments are not meant for Christians and religious people who are seeking holiness to be in God’s kingdom.
“We must all try to always be holy in this period, praying.
“Look after religious people well and make them be part of your earthly family.”

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