Christians told to act

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The National, Thursday February 6th, 2014

 CHRISTIANS around the country are preparing to make a stand in a spiritual warfare to weed out corruption and other immoral activities.

Speaking at a Christian leaders’ forum in Port Moresby yesterday, Pastor Tom Watinga from the Four Square Church encouraged leaders to stand together in the spiritual warfare.

“It’s time my brethrens to walk as one body in Christ to establish consecration in the floors of parliament and other statutory bodies,” he said

“Consecration is the opposite of corruption and the Bible says that when we walk in unity with the Lord, everything falls in its rightful place.”

He said they had time and time again criticised the government for not having enough Christian leaders and now was the time to put that aside and pray for the Christian Leaders who were already there fighting the battle.

He commended the decision by Speaker of Parliament Theo Zurenuoc to remove carvings from Parliament House.

He encouraged pastors to visit nightclubs to experience and see the type of immoral activities practised in the country and how they could address the issue.