Christians urged to fast


CATHOLIC Archbishop of Port Moresby Cardinal Sir John Ribat has reminded Christians to fast, pray and practice almsgiving this Lenten season.
Cardinal Ribat said this in a statement after the Lent season began yesterday with the start of Ash Wednesday.
“Fasting helps us to discipline our mind and body,” he said.
“There are many things we like to have and enjoy and we spend a lot on things that re unnecessary.
“Fasting helps us to love God and our neighbour.
“This makes us share the blessings and the resources of our land and puts our attention on and unites us with our brothers and sisters.
“Prayer makes ourselves attuned to God.
“Jesus was a man of prayer and he prayed to God his father.
“In our prayer in our families and communities we deepen our being, our brothers and sisters to one another and makes us care for each other.
Cardinal Ribat said Almsgiving directs Christians towards being concerned for those who are needy and suffering.
“It is a gesture of making sacrifices for the other and reaching out to them with a willingness to give them comfort and make them smile,” he said.
“We become the face of the compassionate Christ to them. During this Lenten season, I encourage all of us to be united with Jesus.
“ Let us be united in His suffering and death and be converted to become Easter people to witnesses of Christ’s resurrection in our world today.”