Christmas message of hope

Faith, Normal

FOR Christians throughout the world, Christmas means a time of celebrating the birth of a personal saviour.
This was the message from the Papua New Guinea Council of Churches acting general secretary Albert Rovi.
Mr Rovi said it was vital for people to give significant meaning to this Christmas as they celebrate the day with joy, happiness and excitement.
“PNG is a Christian nation, Christmas is a time of celebrating much gain in a personal relationship with Jesus the saviour; who is master creator of the vast wealth and riches of PNG and the world,” Mr Rovi said.
“Christians have become co-workers with their saviour Jesus Christ, the provider of wisdom and understanding, to managing his creation,” he said.
“Even at birth, every human being has the inbuilt potential for sin as a result of the sins of our forefathers, separating us from God; but with the grace of God in action, in His awesome love He purposefully allowed his only son, Jesus Christ to be born-a saviour for all mankind.”
Mr Rovi said there was hope and eternal life in Christ Jesus and encouraged Papua New Guineans that in serving one and other in the celebrations, people should value fellow men and women from other places this season, as they were equally worthy of God’s love and grace through Jesus Christ.