CHS hails Malabag appointment

Letters, Normal

Then National, Tuesday 11th September, 2012

I CONGRATULATE Mi­chael Malabag for being appointed the health minister.
As a staff member of the church health services (CHS), I welcome his statements to deal with the human resource shortage and the salary disparity within the health sector.
He has been a strong advocator for workers and their welfare.
Now that he is a minister, we urge him to ensure that there is a fully-funded human resource plan to address the workforce shortage.
Church health workers struggle to keep their ope­rations going and would need to be remunerated adequately to discharge their responsibilities diligently.
Corruption is impeding the development of the health sector and we support Malabag in fighting it.
The CHS also acknow­ledge the national health plan as an important tool to deliver services to rural areas and we support his team in implementing the roadmap.

Wallace W. Kintak
Mt Hagen