Chuave MP has failed to deliver

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, June 30, 2011

THE general election is just around the corner and this is an opportunity for the silent majority of Chuave district in Chimbu to exercise their democratic rights in choosing a new leader with vision for the sake of infrastructure developments.
It is evident the district is way behind in terms of in­frastructure development compared to other districts such as Kerowagi, Kun­diawa Gembogl and Gu­mine in the province.
The bulk of the 35,000 who are people from Siane, East/West Elim­bari and Central Chuave have hardly seen any tangible development apart from an Asian Development Bank-funded Chuave-Movi road, which was co-funded by a former MP.
The incumbent MP has let the people down by not delivering services.
We are now left wondering where all the DSIP funds have gone to, inclu­ding funds earmarked for several proposed projects in the district.


Keu Mam
Port Moresby