Chung to vie for OFC top post

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The National – Monday, January 3, 2011


THE acting president of Oceania Football Confederation, David Chung, announced at the weekend that he will be vying for the region’s top seat during the OFC elections in Pago Pago, American Samoa, on Jan 15.

He made his intentions known at the small PNG Football Association’s New Year function in Waigani on Saturday, saying that he would be contesting the top post. 

Chung, the Malaysian-born 48-year-old father of five, took over as the acting president of the 11-nation Oceania region after Reynald Temarii was banished from football and fined by world governing body, FIFA, following the vote-rigging allegations reported in The Sunday Times.

He left yesterday morning for Auckland, New Zealand, where he would finalise his visits to all island countries to lure support.

Before leaving, Chung said he would campaign on the island-for-island platform urging all the island countries to support him during the upcoming OFC presidential elections. 

The island countries have been playing second fiddle to New Zealand and Australia until the latter left to join the Asian Football Confederation.

Chung said Temarii was the first island president, and he hoped to win the hearts of his fellow islanders when the 11 member nations meet to cast their votes next week. 

Chung said he would be one of the three contenders for the top post which included NZ Football chairman Frank van Hattum and his director, Fred de Jong, who is also the OFC vice-president.

When asked about his campaign strategy, Chung said Temarii had fully endorsed him to be his (Temarii’s) successor and had been campaigning vigoursly for take over the post.

“I will commence my travel throughout all island nations next week leading towards the Jan 15 elections,” he said.