Church’s involvement in prison praised

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 11th June 2013

 SUPT Felix Namane praised the work of Seventh-Day Adventists for supporting spiritual rehabilitation programmes in the prison during the closing of a week-long meeting by the church in Bui-Iebi jail, Mendi, last Saturday

“This marks another era which will go down in the history of the jail where a large number of prisoners converted to Christ and some made their obligation to sign their oath by promising to God and get baptised” Supt Namane said.

 He said CS Corporate planned a mission statement on the rehabilitation and re-integrating services to offenders, a programme which the CS alone could not accomplish without the support from churches, NGOs and stake holders and those volunteers who helped.

Namane said general perceptions of the ordinary citizens of this country thought that that CS was an organisation where offenders were sent to jail to pay the price for their crimes and should suffer as a result.