Church against violence

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The National, Tuesday 4th June 2013

 THE Evangelical Lutheran church has condemned the recent spate of attacks and rapes on women in the country.

Head Bishop Giegere Wenge said he also was “deeply shocked and concerned about the senseless murder of the people and visiting foreigners.”

Wenge said last week the injustice and violence on women and other related social problems were a concern.

“On behalf of the Evangelical Lutheran church of Papua New Guinea, I extend our people’s heartfelt sympathy and condolences for those who have become victims of   violence, rape and murder,” he said in a statement.

“It is beyond imagination to see helpless women being burnt alive, accused and condemned of practising sorcery and witchcraft.”

Wenge said the Christian Church did not support the practice of sorcery and witchcraft and also against those who injure people suspected of practising it. 

He said people must be taught the Gospel so that they repented from evil practices and be saved by God.

“The subject of violence against women is opposed by the scriptures,” he said. 

He said the Bible instead talked about men and women coexisting peacefully.

Wenge said for this reason men could not claim superiority over women as God alone was above all. 

He said homebrew, marijuana, unemployment and other social problems contributed to the increase in law and order problems in the country. 

Wenge said the death penalty for serious crimes committed was against Christian teachings.

He said the church opposed the death penalty law and suggested that other forms of punishment be looked at.