Church and repentance


WITHOUT sounding overcritical and judgmental, allow me to express my concerns regarding celebrations by certain church organisations.
As a Christian, I think churches should be more into weeping, mourning and repentance than celebration.
We should put on sackcloths and ashes because of our sins and our nation’s sins.
We no longer have love and respect for God.
Sensitive church leaders will agree that the following factors are widespread and repentance is important.
Church politics and leadership squabbles and infighting call for honest repenting.
When we are filled with envy, jealousy and insecurity and threatened by other’s ministry, we should hang our heads in remorse and repent.
When churches and attendances are dwindling and when worldly and carnal ideas rule and scriptural guidance is thrown out, repentance is needed.
When pastors commit serious sins and deserve to be dismissed, and we still allow them to preach in crusades and pulpits, repentance is needed.
When passion and winning souls are neglected and we deviate to worldly and carnal things like mammon, we need to mourn and weep
When there is clear disrespect, dishonour and disdain for fathers and leaders in the faith, mourning is necessary.
I can add a few more to the list but I think if we honestly do a comparison between why we should celebrate and why we should repent and mourn, the latter will absolutely outweigh the former.
To me, we have not progressed at all but have gone backwards – back to the missionary days.

God Have Mercy
Mt Hagen