Church appoints first district superintendent


THE Nazarene Church in Jiwaka appointed its first-ever district superintendent for North Waghi on Friday.
He is Rev Philip Nolie, who had been the pastor of Kudjip station Nazarene Emmanuel Church since 2010.
Nolie was appointed from a short list of 29 other candidates, mostly senior pastors.
North Waghi district has more than 2000 church members and more than 60 pastors.
Despite the enormity of the challenges and responsibilities that come with the position, Nolie vowed to work with the district advisory board and the congregation in his work.
The 44-year-old pastor and his wife thanked God for the call to serve his people.
They thanked South Waghi district superintendent Andrew Akus for being their mentor and members of Kudjip Nazarene Emmanuel Church for their prayers and support over the years.
The Emmanuel Church board and the members have congratulated Nolie on his appointment.
Board members George Kalwe and Kingston Kaman described Nolie as “a very powerful preacher who played an instrumental role in ensuring the spiritual development of many of our members”.
Akus said Nolie had demonstrated exceptional leadership in the church and was an obvious candidate among church members in Jiwaka.
Nolie and Ruth have been involved in the pastoral ministries since 1994 as a young couple and God has blessed them with six beautiful children.
Both husband and wife graduated from Melanesia Nazarene Bible College at Tuman in 2006 with qualifications in theology and Bible studies.

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