Church calls for 1930s road fixed


THOUSANDS of people depending on the old highway from Kerowagi station in Chimbu to Nondugul station in Jiwaka are concerned about its deteriorating condition.
The 30km road was built in the 1930s and has been neglected ever since.
Rev Kiage Motoro, the acting president of the Jiwaka district of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, whose circuit will be hosting a national pastors’ conference in September at the Kewamugl Lutheran High School, has called on the authorities to fix the road.
He said pastors from all over the country will be traveling into Kewamugl for the conference.
He said the road served many church and government-run institutions such as the Kewamugl Lutheran High School, mission station, Technical Vocational Education Training centre, Nondugl police station, Nondugl
High School, primary schools, Nondugl district office and coffee plantations.
He said the first Lutheran missionaries used the road to establish mission stations, churches, schools and spread the word of God to Jiwaka and Western Highlands.
Deputy Assistant Police Commissioner Kaiglo Ambane, who is based in Mendi, said that during the dry season, 4WD vehicles can use the road.
He said people depended on coffee and needed to use the road to transport their produce to the market.
Some farmers end up paying porters to carry their produce for long distance to the markets at Kerowagi station or Nondugl station.


  • Yes this is a timely call which both National and Provincial Governments of Chimbu and Jiwaka needs to address.

  • both Dokta Pok MP north waghi and Camulus Dagma Mp for Kerowagi need to reconsider this untouched and forgettable settings, it tool 90 solid years since 1930. prior to this very important event to take place, road must be upgraded.

    Pikinini Nondugl

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