Church celebrates anniversary

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MORE than 500 people gathered in Lae, Morobe province, recently to congregations united from around the country to witness the 40th anniversary of an apostolic church called Christian Life Centre (CLC) in Lae last Friday.
Deputy Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu was scheduled to be the keynote speaker, however, he could not travel to Lae for the celebrations.
The founder of the church Pr John Pasterkamp from Holland told CLC followers to go into the world and preach the truth as stated in the gospel.
He urged the church to seek the truth which was not found in anything else but in Jesus Christ alone which was the only way that can set one free.
He also stressed the need for discipleship reflecting on it as the symbol of love that strengthened the church.
“The foundation of this church is to build the Kingdom of God by making disciples of all nations. Repentance is also another foundation for CLC church. By repentance it means to turn away from your sinful ways with all your heart,” he said.
In addition, Pr Pasterkamp elaborated on the other two important foundations which were worship and deliverance.
He praised the church for its spirit of working in unity and not over ruling the church and encouraged leaders to ask God for a father like heart. And he challenged leaders to be fathers and mothers of the church while young people to be apostles, evangelists and pastors.
Christian Life church celebrated its 40th anniversary of God’s goodness and Holy Spirit ministry in PNG and abroad and also launched the  chruch’s “Third Day Vision for the 21st century and beyond”.