Church communication officials attend workshop in Fiji


SIGNIS Pacific held its regional workshop in Fiji and gave participants an insight on the role of technology and how the Gospel could reach people through different media.
The four-day training was attended by 30 communicators from Catholic churches in the Pacific region who discussed the role technology played in the lives of people and the guidelines to assist them to use it effectively.
The participants were told to reflect on Christ in their lives and to continue to spread the message of the gospel through different media, especially social media, to reach people in the Pacific and the world.
Archbishop of Suva Peter Loy Chong appreciated the work that the communicators did to ensure that the message of the Gospel reached the people through different media.
“The sessions have been enriching, inspiring and motivating, with practical insights into the use of technology. It is an interesting workshop that combined spirituality and today’s media dangers that the communicator faces,” Chong said.
The workshop has built ties among members for networking and working together.

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