Church donates roofing irons to outreach centre


The Cassowary Road United Church in Lae donated 30 sheets of roofing irons for the extension of the church’s outreach centre at Kapini village in Menyamya, Morobe.
The donation was part of the church’s outreach to the remotest part of Morobe, in the mountainous district of Menyamya, and other areas.
The evangelism ministry team with coordinator John Tioty and chairman Grafton Paulo with others left as early as 4am on Saturday from Bulolo, on a nine-hour drive to Kapini village.
The mission work involved preaching the gospel, evangelising the people, sharing the word of god and prayers. It also involves the distribution of beddings, kitchen utensils, cartons of biscuits and secondhand clothes.
Cassowary Road minister Rev Vai Boanere dedicated the roofing irons during the Sunday service.
He said the new sheets of roofing iron will replace the pandanus-leaf roof on the new bush material church building which was built by missionaries and villagers at Kapini.
The United Church outreach church in Kapini village was established five years ago.
The church reassured its members there that with faith and blessing from God, they would continue to deliver the good news to the people in the remote part of Morobe.
The Kapini village outreach centre would help spread the gospel out from Kapini village to other nearby remote areas in the province, the church said.

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