Church education agency wants slice of government’s free education policy

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The National -Thursday, October 20th 2011

PRIVATE  schools want to be included in the government’s free education policy package that is expected to be rolled out next year.
They are now calling on education minister Theo Zurenuoc, to take them into consideration and at least allocate some form of assistance for private and church-run schools.
Deputy chairman of the Enga Council of Churches, Gamar Iki, said students, whether being educated in private or government schools, were the human resource of the country.
He said students were the future and the government had to take into account those attending private schools.
He said the government could not provide free education for students in private schools, but should at least assist by providing incentives to improve the schools quality of education.
Iki, who comes from a province that has been investing in its human resource for the past 15 years, said students attending private schools were Papua New Guineans just as much as those attending public schools.
He said students being educated in private schools would serve the country and be tax payers like everyone else.


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