Church elects secretaries


THE United church Highlands ended its 16th synod meeting at Puril mission station in Nipa-Kutubu, Southern Highlands, last Friday with the election of the regional and educational secretary.
Rev Justin Wapu retained his position as the regional secretary while Johnson Pisa also returned as education secretary.
Highlands bishop Rev Stanley Buka blessed the two men and urged them to continue their good work as it was a call from God to look after the two important services in the region.
He said 69 delegates from Chimbu, Western Highlands and Southern Highlands attended the annual synod.
The synod was hosted by different circuits.
Rev Buka said this year, Nipa Central circuit hosted the synod at Southern Highlands Teachers College and Puril Primary School.
He said the synod meeting agendas were: life and witness of the United church in the Highlands; justice and services for the church in the Highlands; human resources of United church in the Highlands; teaching and training of the United church and finance; and, development of the church.
Education secretary Pisa said education was an important sector and he would work closely with the 151 teachers at 18 church-run schools.