Church gifts founding father, pastor with house


THE church of the Revival Centres of PNG has gifted their founder and principal pastor Geoffery Wippon a house.
Members of the church presented Wippon with keys to the property last Saturday.
Deputy chairman and Southern regional pastor Anthony Tasamale said the church came up with the idea about 27 years ago.
“In 1995, we had a conference hosted by Mandi fellowship on the East Coast of Wewak,” he said.
“An agenda was raised that time to have a home for our founding and principal pastor.
“This agenda was raised and unfortunately, when we held the third national rally in March 1995, there was an international split and the idea was shelved.
To Wippon, Tasamale said: “One of the things we are thankful for is that the church was founded on guidelines and one of the guidelines was to bring to the church, what God has blessed us with.
“The blessing that God gave you, you gave honestly with your tithes.
“This journey of our fellowship, has been the journey of faithful giving by our brothers and sisters.
“We raised funds for this property so our founder can live in.”
Wippon was thankful saying: “I am not running a company or public office.
“I am doing God’s work.
“Those of you who are still here shows that you have had an encounter with God after baptism.”
Wippon first established the church on Sept 1, 1982, at Karaite village in Lumi, West Sepik.

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