Church gives books to school

National, Normal

The National – Friday, June 24, 2011

A PRIMARY School in Central received its first stock of library books on Wednesday, since its establishment in 1936.
Kalo Primary  School in Rigo, Central, was privileged to receive a donation of about 30 cartons of fiction and non-fiction books to stock its empty classroom-cum library.
The books were delivered by the Four Square Church in Port Moresby.
The books were donated by Rotary Australia  to the Four Square Church headquarters in the city in order to be delivered to schools as a humanitarian and community based support initiative.
Pr Magi Goro, a member of the delegation that delivered the books, said the donation was part of the church’s effort to help educate the children of the primary school and to display the act of giving and caring. 
Headmaster Gauba Bisige also thanked the donor for the assistance and said the books would be used to benefit the students who have never had the experience of entering and using a library before.
Kalo Primary School, situated at the end of a feeder road away from the road to Hula, has never received such donations apart from the government subsidies.
Incidentally, the road to the school was in such bad state that the truck carrying the supply got bogged a couple of times and had to be pulled  by a tractor to the school.