Church gives out goodies bag in feast of a thousand


MORE than a 1000 people received “goodies bag” from the Church of Christ as part of the International Aid for Humanity day celebrated worldwide.
Church of Christ Brother Lito Vasco said that this was an initiative that was marked across the world but was the first in Port Moresby PNG.
“This kind of activity by the Church of Christ has been done by our church all over the world for many years and we continue to do this and this is the same that is happening all over the world on this day as well” Vasco said.
“This will be the first time in PNG but it won’t be the last as we are planning to do an even bigger Aid to Humanity event like this next year.
“For this we invited about a thousand people and they are here to find out about the church and also receive goodie bags.
“We are not just a religious organisation but also an organisation that tries to help people in the little way we can.
“We have been here for 26 years now.”
The church also has Bible study sessions for anyone wishing to take part, Vasco said.

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