Church group condemns vaccination condition


A CHURCH group has condemned employers who are making Covid-19 vaccination a condition of employment for workers.
Body of Christ chairman Rev Joseph Walters said six members of his church were vaccinated because they did not want to lose their jobs.
“We are saddened to hear from our people that certain employers were making (the Covid-19 vaccination) a condition of employment even though they are aware that is not mandatory.
“This is outrageous and a serious violation of human rights,” he said.
The group, made up of pentecostal churches, is urging the Government to conduct more awareness and consultation on the vaccines regarding the benefits and side-effects.
“We must be informed by health authorities if the vaccine components have the potential to induce any damage or injury to the human body,” Rev Walters said.
He said the Body of Christ had more than three million followers and wanted to support the government efforts to get more people vaccinated.
“(But) there must be a for-and-against debate by Papua New Guinea experts on the benefits and side effects of the vaccines so that our people can make informed decisions,” he said.


  • Good call by Rev Joseph Walters. The government’s stand must be plain clear on the Covid19 vaccination roll out in the country. Our rights as individual citizens of this country is/are 100% guaranteed and protected by the Supreme Law of the land, the Constitution. We cannot be forced against our will to get vaccinated of a virus that has a survival rate of 99.9% if one is infected with the virus. While I sympathise with those who lost their loved ones due to Covid19, on the other hand, as learned Papua New Guineans, we must also be made known of the figures of the cause of death alluded to 100% Covid19 only and not those deaths contributing due to underlying health issues.

    The issue with the Covid19 vaccination now at hand is the long term effects which no one knows at this stage as the vaccines are still in their experimental stage let alone the AstraZeneca vaccine.

  • Very True – PNG cannot go out of democracy to force people against their Will. The so called employers must understand that Vaccination is Voluntary.

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