Church happy with school

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The National, Friday October 18th, 2013

 THE  president of the Four Square Church in Papua New Guinea has thanked the management and board members of the only church-run secondary school in the country for their cooperation and hard work to lift the status of the school.

Rev Timothy Tipitap commended the management and the board after witnessing  the first Grade 12 students of the Wapenamanda Four Square Secondary School, in Enga, sit for their final examination last week.

Tipitap said the school  started in 1997 as a high school and was given secondary status last year.

 “This is good news for me as the national president of the church to see the first lot of Grade 12 students sitting for the examination.”

“I believe the vision for the school has been accomplished,” he said.

Tipitap, who is the school’s coordinator, said the church played a vital role to help the government in terms of service delivery.

He said under the Four Square Church, education was one area that had been given priority.

“Education is the key to success in life and the church will always support the government in any means and ways to promote this sector,” he said.

Principal Cebrion Tito said he wanted to  make everything possible for the school to extend and increase its enrolments starting next year.

Tito described it as a breakthrough and was looking forward to making sure the next Grade 12 students  do better.

“I’m happy to be with my pioneer Grade 12s and I hope many have done well in their examinations,” he said.