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THE Catholic church and Christian health services are to stop work today at their health centres because the Government has not paid their workers.
The announcement was made by the Catholic Bishop Conference (CBC) during a press conference yesterday in Port Moresby after the bishops came to a joint decision during an annual meeting.
Archbishop of Madang Anton Bal said the Government had failed to pay healthcare personnel under those agencies for several months.
“The bishops urge the Government as a matter of justice to reimburse the full amount owed to the nurses so they may continue their crucial work of care for the sick and suffering,” he said.
“The bishops are grateful for the measures being taken to safeguard the people of PNG from the threat of the Covid-19 but at the same time, we urge the Government to adhere to legitimate constitutional principles when instituting further measures.”
CBC maintained that the funds received from the church partnership programmes from various funding agencies, are intended for specific projects, while the stop-work was on the nurses’ salaries not released by the Government.
The two health services will meet today, depending on whether the Government releases their funds or not.


  • Thank you for raising the concern of Church Health Services nation wide issue. Why government is neglecting the rightful portion of Church Health Service who are working day and night. Pay cuts had been made from the previous government, but we haven’t experience for many months pays were not paid. Please STOP work nation wide and we see how the government is dealing with all the patients. pay has to come on time. Very frustrating about way the government is handling our salary.

  • As a Church, our flow chart to bring our worries, problems, needs is God our Father in heaven, our Father in heaven, wants to solve all our problem, we are to come to HIm in Prayer, Priest, Pastors, Evanglish, Christians should petition all our needs, to the land Lord, the Lord of Lord in PRAYER, not to PMJM.

    PMJM, don’t listen to any church that comes to you to fund this/ that for me. they are dead Churches, Spirit of God is not moving in them. A true Church does not ask PM for Funding, go to owner of the CHURCH is Jesus, who is Christ the Lord, will fund his own Church. A true CHURCH is prayer church who gets HIS funding from above..To answer a Prayer, Holy Spirit works around the clock to convict the PM or anyone, that is how you see that the LORD is your prayer…….

  • I think the 3rd comment is very power full to my under standing, let the
    prayer answered your need it will happen anytime anyway to you all Amen.

  • I agree with the Third comment but just few things to mention, since the funding was done through Church and Government Partnership and our church run Hospitals and schools entirely depend on this fund in order for them to survive.The nurses and doctors they live just like you and I depending on fortnightly payments.
    And we understand that Man shall not live by bread alone but every word that proceeded out from mouth of God. Same same, we can be spirit alone, we need food and clothing to survive.You make this comment because you have something on the table for your beloved wife and your kids and have no problem to worry about.Understand that these families have no gardens and that is the only means of survival like you and I.We can help them to pray that God will provide them something to eat during this time while waiting for Government to come in with assistant.

  • Joe Ima and Central Man, do you really understand what both of you commented. I don’t understand both of you. I think you made your comment on having grudges against the Catholic Church. Please don’t.
    Both of you are lucky because you do not feel the pain the they are feeling. Remember, they have not only themselves but their families as well to look after. If you are one of them, what experience will you encounter?
    Prayers will only be answer, when justice or honesty prevails.
    Please do not make such comment, I think the government of the should be blamed and not them.

  • Some of this church run health facilities are getting medical supplies from the government system and they are charging hefty fees to patients. They are not only disobeying the government but also steeling in day light by getting free supplies and charging fees to patients. Lo name blo lotu yu wok lo stil na yu no nap go lo heven.

  • A true Church, “one that Jesus said I will build my Church”, is a Praying Church, if we are following Jesus, he spend most of his times on Mount Olives, that’s his lodging place, a place of prayer, all needs have to be submitted to the Lord, through Prayer only, than you see God answering the Prayers, Mathew 7: 7 & Mathew 5. 8.

    . Jesus did not write to the Roman Government to do this/ that for me. In these days, we live a life of praying to see God in our lives.

    He showed us the way to Prayer, so a will of God can be done,.You seek the Kingdom Of God these days all other things shall be added unto….

  • Brother I agree with what your saying, in certain places we do following things, we cry and mourn when we go to funeral service,we keep quite when going to Hospital waiting for nurses to serve us,we shout and yell out in the field supporting spotting team and many more,If you preach the word of God to someone who are in problem or trouble and no kind and love is shown to them,what we speak become meaningless.God is God of understanding and there is no limitation in his understanding.He understands every situation.These families may be they have small faith.It is faith that you can move the mountains.

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