Church holds special ceremony for students


GOD is represented through our actions in the communities we live in, says Fr Alfred Guda, the Holy Family Anglican parish priest.
His message also was echoed through a special ceremony last Sunday, when students had their biros blessed.
Fr Alfred also blessed the students and urged the congregation to pray for the students during their studies this year.
Guda in his sermon on the calling of the prophet Isaiah in the old testament urged everyone to be faithful to God’s calling.
“When God called Isaiah, his life was changed,” Guda said.
“He saw himself as a simple man who could not do what God called him to do.
“But God said when I touch your mouth you will go out and extend my kingdom.”
“I believe each of us have our own experiences of how God touched us and brought us back to him as children of God.”
“God calls us regardless of the simple lives we have and the challenges we face.”
“God looks beyond our failures.”

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