Church leaders give encouragement, advice on coronavirus


SEVENTH-day Adventist (SDA) world church leaders gave words of encouragement and practical advice on the coronavirus to church members worldwide on Friday.
SDA world church president Ps Ted Wilson and general conference World Church Health Ministry director Dr Peter Landless encouraged Adventists worldwide to be pillars of stability during the global health crisis. In a short video posted on Facebook, Landless gave practical advice about remedies and counsel to counter the spread of the virus but added some spiritual encouragement.
Ps Wilson said the SDA World church was aware of the coronavirus situation and was monitoring it.
“We have groups of people working on how best to meet the challenges both in conducting the business of the church and also trying to preserve the protocol of municipal state, federal regulations that are coming into play regardless of where that maybe and in what part of the world,” Wilson said.
“The most important thing is we want you to be safe, to be protected, not only physically but spiritually and to be a witness in this time of crisis and panic.
“The General Conference is suspending temporarily certain travel activities from headquarter but this does not mean we are stopping our work and efforts for God’s precious advent movement,” he said.
Landless said the virus was new and that was why it was spreading and infecting many people.