Church leaders meet

National, Normal

The National, Thursday February 6th, 2014


CHURCH leaders from around the country held a forum in Port Moresby yesterday to discuss issues affecting the country.

The forum led by Reverend Joseph Walters held discussions on issues such as drugs, corruption and immoral activities which the elders believe are eating away at the Christian principles propping the nation.

Drug, alcohol abuse and nightclubs were highlighted as the main contributing factors for immoral activities.

Reverend Rodney Tamuriesa from the Four-Square church outlined the activities he saw while working as a HIV/AIDS counsellor visiting nightclubs around Port Moresby.

“Gay marriages will soon creep into our society. It’s already in the country. Don’t ignore it as it is unlawful in the Bible,” he said.

He said the Melanesian culture, which was similar to the laws in the Bible, had been the best guide and had helped us live in peace and harmony.

However todaay, Western influence had led to a decaying society where lawlessness ruled.

He said past customs such as sex after marriage, faithful to one partner and even respect for the elderly and women helped people live longer.

Unfortunately this had all changed, he said.

He said women had become victims of rape because they were no longer respected and no one to watch over them anymore.

A second forum will be held on Saturday at the Rev Sioni Kami Memorial Church. Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Speaker Theo Zurenuoc will speak on culture Christianity and national identity.