Church ministry helps grow local economy

Faith, Normal

The National, Thursday 30th May 2013


THE Governing Church and the Covenant Ministry congregation are working with the East New Britain provincial government to develop the local economy this year. 

Pastor Gerrson Passingan on Tuesday said the ministry through its community transformation initiative was going into areas which needed development such as parts of the Bitapaka local level government in Kokopo.

Pr Gerrson said the church community service programme had gained momentum with the opening of a resource centre at Marmar village in Bitapaka.

The community transformation initiative is run by the Governing Church and the Covenant Ministry International to help provide government services.

It has seen the maintenance of the road from Menabonbon to Marmar wards and the building of a resource centre for Marmar village.

An open market was staged last Saturday for local buyers from town and parts of the Gazelle Peninsula area to buy fresh foods.

Gerrson said the recent events had lifted the spirit of the people and fulfillment to the churches assisting the programme.

Bales of clothes were also donated to the local churches for distribution to their communities.

Included in the programme are plans to build an aidpost in the Birar ward because the nearest health centre located at Bitapaka is still too far from many villages in the area.

Gerrson is calling on the Government to look at areas still missing out on development and assist the churches as partners in development in remote communities.

He said work was carried out during the day while spiritual empowerment programmes such as crusades were held at night.