Church must lower speakers’ volume

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The National

I HAVE been suffering from noise pollution being created by the people holding weekly religious service and functions at the Boroko United church along Boroko Drive at Five-Mile.
The volume of the speakers is very high and the preacher shouts at the top of his voice as if he is angry at the whole world.
I wonder why he has to do this with the speakers are at maximum volume.
I don’t think residents living near the church would like to listen to what he has to preach.
All the church has to do is to lower the volume of the speakers.
Just like me, I am sure the rest of the community deserves some peace and quiet on Saturday and Sunday mornings, especially those who want to enjoy a sleep-in.
The church’s band, even if it is just practising Gospels songs, loves to turn up the volume.
But the big problem is that it is playing horribly and what the band players are making is not music but plain noise.
This band is nothing but a nuisance to the community.
Every Saturday morning, from 6am, when the residents are still deep in slumber, the band would start tinkering with the instruments at high volume and continue to play on for hours.
It is the same on Sundays when the band practises its Gospel numbers from early morning till the service begins at 9am.
The truth is that it is giving Gospel songs a bad name.
I have sent a number of text messages to Bishop Oika Gabutu requesting him to do something about this.
But he seemed to have ignored my complaints.


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Port Moresby