Church on a mission for change

The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

Leader of the Anglican Church in PNG Archbishop Clyde Igara says that missions and ministry should be at the forefront of the church’s work in the country.
Speaking at a forum held at the St Martin’s Anglican Parish in Port Moresby last Saturday, Igara said the clergy should be anointed to the mission of the church and not employed.
Igara said the clergy and lay people were responsible for missions and ministry.
“I think mission and ministry is where we (Anglicans) are lacking,” Igara said.
“Many times we blame our people for the wrongs they commit but really it is partly the fault of the spiritual leaders who God has chosen to lead and guide the people.”
“We (priests) need to act, behave and live godly lives so the people can follow our examples. Our lives must reflect God’s mission and ministry
“We must serve others without expectations so the people can enjoy life in all its fullness. Only with God can we achieve these.”
“Our nation and the rest of the world is being bombarded with a lot of issues and a lot of problems but all of these can be fixed if the church move in the direction.
“God wants us to help and serve his people unconditionally and without judgement. Our mission as spiritual leaders is to unite with our members  in the community, other churches and work towards improving our lives. We cannot live a fulfilling life without Gods help.”
Igara said the major plan for the Anglican Church was to align the church in one direction which included mission and ministry.
“All of us will be doing work together whether you are at Popondetta (Northern) or Dogura (Milne Bay) in Mt Hagen (Western Highlands) or the New Guinea Islands.