Church opens after six years of building


THE Gawapu congregation of the Bethel Lutheran church in Mumeng, Morobe, recently opened their church building after six years of struggling to fund its construction.
According to Watut local level government ward seven councillor Sei Monty, construction started in 2015 but was delayed due to funding constraints.
“We have gone through various fund raising activities to make enough money to get the building completed,” he said.
Monty said the ward received K85,000 from the LLG as ward funding and most of that money went to completing the church.
He said K70,000 in total was spent to complete the church.
“Since we have to get a proper water supply into the other villages in the ward, we will be using the remains of the funding as well as supporting other denominations in the ward,” he said.
Watut LLG president Waka Daimon said supporting churches was a priority as well as education and health.
“The money that we give to ward members come under the ward development funding which we have been doing over the years to get little projects that will help people physically, spiritually and mentally,” he said.