Church opens new building after seven years of hard work

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THE Nasuapum people of Wancha village in Huon Gulf, Morobe, last Saturday witnessed the opening of a new permanent Foursquare Gospel church building.
Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu and Morobe Foursquare Gospel church supervisor pastor David Sam officiated at the ceremony and opened the church building.
Huon Foursquare Gospel church chairman Dominic Mark contributed K60,000 towards the erection of the church building.
“The idea to change all church buildings in Huon from bush materials into permanent structures are my own,” he said.
Mark said it took them almost seven years to build the church because of the location and other costs involved.
He said despite the many challenges faced so far, the Wancha Foursquare Gospel church permanent building was finally built and is now open for worship.
He thanked the community, church members, pastors and others who contributed towards the completion of the building.
Mark said they were now seeing the success of this strive and their dreams coming to fulfilment.
Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu said Foursquare Gospel church and other denominations in the province contributed towards spiritual and other developments in support of the government in the province.
“I will use Foursquare Gospel church and the work here as an example to other denominations.
“I will tell them not to ask government for money and depend for help all the time,” he said.
“Instead do something positive for the community such as this initiative and help the government instead.”

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