Church opens new building

Faith, Normal

The National, Thursday March 13th, 2014


AMERICAN-based Church of Christ missionary Don Nelson has  urged Christians to believe in the faith and wisdom bestowed on them by God.

He said they must use  them appropriately to  promote peace in society.

Nelson said believing in God enhanced human faith and  allowed humans to  use it wisely in creating and doing appropriate activities in Christian fellowships.

“God is the source of all creation therefore believe in thyself and your faith in Christ that helped you build a new permanent Church for worshipping God Almighty,” Nelson said.

Nelson initially built a makeshift worship shelter with 70 church members in 1986 and was  used until 2014. 

The congregation  increased to 140 and in 2007 decided to build a permanent structure.

This  took them seven years to build through fundraising, church offerings and contributions totaling K110,000.

The local congregation raised K80,000, Church of Christ from America contributed K70,000, former Lae MP Bart Philemon gave K9,000 and former Lae City Lord Mayor James Khay K5,000.

Morobe provincial government Christian Church partnership programme  chairman Charlie Foike thanked  Nelson and his family for their sacrifice in serving  Morobe since 1986.

Nelson, wife Sherri,  Colleen Dyroff and Karen Wolfe arrived  from Miami to witness the dedication of new church building for Tent City Church of Christ last Saturday.