Church partnership with govt hailed


Allow me to congratulate and acknowledge the tireless hard work of the Lutherans in partnering with the National Government in terms of basic service delivery for more than a century in the country.
The 500th Anniversary of Reformation fell on Oct 19, where Lutherans all over the world commemorated the reformation of the church spearheaded by Martin Luther.
It was an event which transformed lives of multitudes of Christian believers.
The words of inspiration of the Reformation had massive impact.
They are linked to Luther’s key insight that helped trigger the Reformation – Christians attain salvation only by the grace of God.
We call this justification by faith alone.
We, the believers of various reformation denominations in the nation as well as those in the global arena, should appreciate and acknowledge this first move of reformation.
Bear in mind that there wouldn’t be any breakthroughs into the spiritual realm without this move.
I wish all Lutherans a prosperous 500th anniversary celebration both  here in PNG and aboard.

Pindakin Sanja Philip Ipu
Tsak Valley

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