Church plans to feed 200 homeless people in the city


MEMBERS of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God say they are ready to provide food to some 200 homeless children and people in Port Moresby on Saturdays.
Church member and community outreach organiser Betty MacDonald said through their uni-social programme the church wanted to support homeless people and had been providing them breakfast and non-perishable items such as rice, flour, tinned fish and noodles among others over the past few months.
“Our main aim is to reach out to those who are homeless and in need going hungry here in Port Moresby city and to extend to other provinces in the future,” she said.
“The Church organises this event once in a month to feed the needy and for May is scheduled on this Saturday,” she said.
MacDonald said the invitation was open to anyone to come forward as the church members were happy to share their blessings with them.
She said the PNG Universal Church was targeting more than 200 people to provide them breakfast and distribute food items
and importantly to give them spiritual support.
“The members of the church are preparing to share their blessing with the needy by sponsoring the event,” she said.
MacDonald said the congregation was happy to volunteer and donate food and clothes for the less fortunate of society; to feed and clothe those who were hungry, homeless and living on the streets; to give them hope.

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