Church reduces training


SP Hunters head coach Mathew Church says he is cutting down on training in an attempt to avoid player fatigue during matches in the Intrust Super Cup next season.
The Australian said that during a pre-season training session at the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby yesterday.
“What we are doing is not different but normal. We’re cutting down on training to help players overcome (and avoid) muscles stress,” Church said.
“It helps a lot with recovery. It’s good as it helps minimise the chances of injury.
“I will sit down with trainer Solomon Kuluniasi to draw up a programme during the (Christmas) break.
“It helps players get to where we want them to be. We should select a squad of 30 players from the initial 41 and recall them in January.
“We’ll then have them face each other before the final squad is selected for next season.
“I cut down on the longer kilometres and opted for short drills to get their attitude right and go from there.
“It’s more of a technical approach. They did it with the help of some coaching staff in the first week (of pre-season training) but now they’re doing it themselves.
“They are benefitting and I’m learning as well. For almost three weeks, the progress has gone well.
“If I demonstrate to the players how I do it, they pick up well. I know that the boys have been working hard in the pre-season and are looking forward to all that is on offer.
“So far we are getting to understand our approaches and putting all our efforts into it.”
Church said more emphasis would be put on education and up-skilling of the basics to before the Christmas break.

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