Church rises in Lae to help community give young people a second chance


THE members of a community in Lae are building a church to get youths involved in church activities to change the way they think and behave.
Banana Block youth group chairman Moses Umba said the community at Seventh Street, Cassowary, was constructing a permanent church building which would be called the Body of Christ.
“The area is known by many people as a hideout for thieves and pickpockets or robbers,” he said.
“But there are many good people living there and they are trying their best to help the youths to lead and live a good life.
“We have been doing activities like engaging our youths to clean the streets of Lae city.
“But that’s the physical aspect. The other aspect is to help them spiritually, and get them to fear God’s word.”
Umba said there were more than 300 youths living in that area and “most of them are employed in small jobs such as security officers or drivers”.
“Only forty of them a currently unemployed and they are part of the Banana Block youth group which took part in the clean-up activities around Lae City.”
He said the church was being built to help the youths.
“Physically, if we want to help our youths change, they will not change,” Umba said.
“For the good of the community and for the good of everyone, the community leaders and church members have decided to build the church.
“People are saying that Banana Block is a bad place, but the leaders want to change that negative status.
“We will build the church, and we would like the surrounding communities or people who are willing to support us, help with the construction.”
He said the building was not for any denomination but was open to all for any church activity.
“The Lutheran members of the community started this initiative but it is for everyone because we are worshiping the same God, and most importantly, we want to see change in our youths.”

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