Church thanks MP Goi for fixing road


JIMI MP Wake Goi has been praised by the Catholic Church for his commitment to seal the Banz-Karap Road.
Mt Hagen Catholic Archdiocese Bishop Douglas Young said the church ran schools and church institutions in the remote district and had put up with the poor conditions of the road for a long time.
“It is good news and a relief for our teachers, students, priests and church operations at Karap Parish and other parts of Jimi,” Young said.
“Road infrastructure is the responsibility of the government but it has been neglected for too long.
“Due to the bad conditions of the road, transport costs have been very high. During the drought and other conditions that affected people, the road situation  costs a lot of lives.
“I congratulate the vision of the MP to improve roads. This is a key infrastructure that can open up Jimi to the outside world.”
Young and Goi spoke at the Peter Fatima Secondary School dual graduation ceremony last Wednesday.
Goi said: “At all costs I will make sure the Banz-Karap Road is sealed.”
Goi said the sealing the 33km road  would cost K136 million. Work is now in progress.