Church using minister’s K50,000 donation on new building


AN Evangelical church located in a remote part of Southern Highlands received K50,000 from Minister for Community Development, Youth and Religion Wake Goi last Saturday in Mt Hagen.
The Wabimisen Evangelical church in the Mt Bosavi local level government (LLG) in Nipa-Kutubu will put the Easter gift towards a new church and a pastor’s house.
Goi said the funding was to help the church establish a better building so people could worship in a safe environment.
“This church is located in one of the most remote areas and such support will help to promote the good news of Jesus Christ and help people change their lives,” he said.
“Church plays a key role in nation-building and through the church and Government partnership programme, this funding will do more to strengthen the programme.”
Pastor Bede Deba described it as the first of its kind for the church to receive support from the Government.
Ps Deba said the church was established in 1964 and even Mt Bosavi had not seen any Government services apart from a few run-down primary schools.
“The only time we see Government officials is with ballot boxes during the election, and after that, life at Mt Bosavi remains the same,” he said.
“This church helps to promote good living in a place where there is no Government presence.”
Senior deacon Halowa Kulu said it took them a week’s walk to reach Kutubu or Mendi because there was no road.
Kulu thanked Goi for the support and said most funds would be used for airlifting building material.

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