Church worker: Recognise people

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The National, Thursday August 1st, 2013


MANY people who have contributed to nation-building have not been recognised for their efforts, according to Catholic Church worker Bernard Beri.

Beri, from Kamtai village, in Kerowagi district, Chimbu, began work as a carpenter at the Kondiu Catholic mission, in Chimbu, in 1969, when Kundiawa was under the diocese of Goroka.

After independence in 1975, he was transferred to the Kepamu Catholic mission and worked as a carpenter and painter.

In 1981 he was sent to the Catholic Church-run Holy Trinity Teachers College in Mt Hagen.

He got married to Peni Rita when he was at the college and they had three children, two girls and a boy.

Beri now has three grandchildren and seven great grand children.

He yesterday told of how he played a role in the nation’s development.

Beri said many people like him were not recognised or given credit for their work.

He said he committed his life to serve the Church because at that time it had been taking the leading role in developing  the nation.

“My life was dedicated to help the people and now God has blessed me with many children.

“By that time I was paid K60, one day God will reward me for that.”

He said many of his colleagues had died without any recognition.

“We should rank them as real heroes. They need credit for the type of work do.”