Churches becoming lazy, pastor says

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 A LUTHERAN Church pastor is concerned that churches in Morobe are becoming lazy because of the financial support they receive from the provincial government.

The provincial government had decided to give the churches 10% of its revenue. 

Reverend Elymas Bakung, a chaplain at the University of Technology, said in a statement the tithing by the provincial government had relieved churches of their Christian obligation in giving and assisting.

He said some churches spent the money on food and drinks.

Bakung suggested that a mechanism be established to control the spending of the funds after the churches received them. 

He said a reporting system should be in place so that the sanctity of the tithe would remain undefiled.

“People in Morobe have benefited from the tithes programme, which is good in some sense,” Bakung said.

He said the money received as tithes should be channelled to help church programmes that promoted the spreading of the gospel or educational programmes.

“Any giving must promote the extension of the knowledge of God, which promotes good life,” Bakung said.