Churches help with development


CHURCHES have played a major part in the development of Papua New Guinea by providing health, education and other major services.
Moresby North-East MP John Kaupa, speaking at the opening of the Harvest for Christ Ministry church at Gerehu stage two in Port Moresby last Saturday, told the congregation that churches have educated most of the elites in this country.
He said through government and church partnership, the country would see major development, both physically and spiritually.
Kaupa gave K5,000 to the ministry to help support them to expand to other parts of the city. The Harvest for Christ Ministry was established in 1997 in Jiwaka by Pastor Andepa Auri to educate saved souls with godly principles to till the land and work for prosperity and self-sustainability with their motto found in the Gospel of Matthew (6:33).
The church has since expanded to other parts of the country and presently has 56 branches and more than 30,000 members.
Ps Tonny Sei, who had been working to build the church at Gerehu, said the church was built in the settlement to convert youths to be Christians.

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