Churches, journos asked to attend Israeli summit


AN international Christian organisation is inviting church leaders and media people to attend a Christian media summit organised by Israel Government press in Jerusalem.
The PNG director for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, Pastor Peter Harut, said the government of Israel aimed to connect the media and church representatives during the summit from Oct 14 to 17.
He said people from 139 countries would visit Jerusalem and talk to government officials and Christians.
He said last year’s summit was a great success when media representatives engaged directly with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Harut said Israel celebrated its rebirth in June this year.
“The summit and celebration would be also part of it,” he said.
“Participants will pay for their own airfares. But the Israel government will sponsor all the hotels, meals, transport, conference fees, etc.
“It is an excellent programme with the president and prime minister once again taking part along with other senior government officials.”

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