Churches tell Govt: Let’s work together

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CHURCHES are calling on the Government to cooperate more to  achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of the country rectified under the United Nations.
This call was made after the PNG-based UN secretariat called for church intervention as the churches played a vital role with the communities and understand the issues at hand.
In 2000, PNG joined 188 member states of the UN in adopting the millennium declaration, thereby committing itself to achieving the MDG by 2015.
However, it is understood that the Government had not accomplished much according to the first progress report on the MDG in 2004, while the second progress report had been further delayed until next year.
The Salvation Army’s public relations secretary Capt John Kerari said last week: “The churches are right out there with the people and we know what is happening and we know what we can do towards to achieve the MDG.”
Representatives from the PNG council of churches collectively called for cooperation.
According to the UN declaration, the Government has only five years left to give a good impression of service delivery.
The UN Millennium campaign advocacy specialist, Eileen Kolma stated that the “Stand Up and take action” campaign used by various countries would be tried out for the first time here in PNG under the theme “End poverty now.”
The “stand up” campaign will be the first rallied here in the Pacific region and will be practised on Oct 16-18,
globally to fight against poverty and support the achievement of the MDGs.
Plans are in process by the PNG council of churches to use this event to elevate the support of achieving the MDG which must remain a priority on the global  political and public agenda.