Churches thank God for good leaders

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The National, Friday 03rd August 2012

CHURCHES in Jiwaka are thanking God for answering their prayers of electing good leaders in the general elections.
Pastor Andrew Ken of the Nazarene church in Banz town yesterday said that out of the four members of parliament elected, two held doctorates.
He said they were Dr Fabian Pok (North Waghi) and Dr William Tongamb (governor).
The two other MPs are Maip Dop (Jimi) and Koi Joe Kuman (South Waghi).
He said churches in Jiwaka had been praying for good leaders to be elected into parliament before the issue of writs.
Ken said the churches were happy that, at last, some God-fearing leaders had been elected by the people to take charge of the new province.
He said the new province needed Jiwakans with skills, knowledge and vision to bring the province into light.
He called on the four new MPs to return to the province after the formation of government for a dedication service where churches would dedicate them to God before they served the people.
Ken urged them to put God in front of whatever they did to serve the people and country.
He said in and through God “everything will be possible for them to carry out their constitutional duties effectively without any hindrance”.
He thanked outgoing MPs for the goods and services they had delivered to the people during the past five years.