Churches vital to promoting peace

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The National, Thursday March 13th, 2014

 CHURCHES are important as they play a crucial role in promoting  peace in the community.

This was the message from Missionary Yoroma Pinla, from Finland, at the Tepe Pentecostal Church, in Imbonggu, Southern Highlands.

Other churches, including Catholic, gathered to pray and farewell David Inipia, who had served the Pentecostal Church for more than eight years.

Inipia said he was happy to see other churches coming to take part in praying and giving them support and such behaviour must continue as they were all worshipping the same God.

“There is no other place you can find peace and it is the church alone. As Christians, we must lead by example so that others can see and follow,” he said.

His successor Pastor Phillip Nason said it was  the call of God to be a church pastor to promote  spiritual development.

“As a church pastor, I will not work in my church only but would team up with other churches in any activity they are performing,” he said.

“He is a Catholic, she is a Seventh-Day-adventist church member – this is something of the past. 

“Let us put all our differences aside and work for a common goal – and that is to promote peace and Christianity.”

Nason said the province was experiencing tribal fights, high gender violence, torturing of innocent people, discrimination and many others for which the churches were needed to join forces and pray.