Churches want O’Neill and Sir Michael to talk

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The National, Monday 23rd January 2012

THE Papua New Guinea Council of Churches has written to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Sir Michael Somare expressing the people’s disappointment over the political impasse.
In a letter dated Jan 19 and signed by Catholic Archbishop of Port Moresby John Ribat and Anglican Bishop of Port Moresby Peter Ramsden, they said they were willing to arrange a peace meeting between the two leaders.
“We are unhappy about the situation we are in.
“The issue of prime minister and police commissioner are not resolved yet. The people of PNG watched helplessly, the MPs quarrelling in the floor of the parliament on Jan 18,” they said in the letter.
“We, the members of the PNG Council of Churches, under the chairmanship of moderator Samson Lowa, are ready to facilitate a forum for a dialogue of both the leaders to resolve the issues amicably.
“We are ready to arrange the place and the facilitators for this dialogue if both of you agree.”