Cities need better road networks

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013

 MP Benjamin Poponawa is correct in raising 

concerns on the pressing traffic issues in cities and towns (July 17). 

Traffic congestion is becoming a nightmare to the travelling public as vehicles queue up and move at a snail’s pace from point A to point B due to vehicles overcrowding limited road networks. 

Many people turn up late to work or go home late in the evening. An unhappy situation.

I agree with the options suggested by Poponawa to Transport Minister Ano Pala on strategising and imposing stricter traffic policies. 

However, we have to understand that every citizen has an equal right to own a vehicle. 

Most, if not all car owners would share my opinion that while focusing, regulating and administering proper traffic policies, the Government should also strategise on enlarging and improiving the road networks so that the public can travel with ease.


Harvey Mac, Via email