Citifon unveils new smart phone

National, Normal

The National, Monday 21st November 2011

TELIKOM PNG has unveiled the Citifon smart phone that will be on sale at all its business offices around the country.
Telikom chief executive officer Peter Loko said it was exciting times ahead for the company and customers can expect to share that excitement as Telikom continues to roll  out innovative products such as the smart phone.
“Citifon since its introduction to the market has been an exciting brand and its affordable rates has customers appreciating the service. The Citifon network at present cover over 5,000 communities and this is being expanded as our technical team is installing base stations in some centres around the country,” Loko remarked.
Telikom acting chief of commercial Kone Kula in unveiling the phone said it had been seven months since the Citifon brand was launched and customers’ response had been overwhelming with the excitement still intact as new products were brought to the market.
“This Smart Citifon will be selling for the introductory offer of K699 along with a bonus of K20 free Telikad.
“For corporate customers, we are also introducing Citifon’s post paid smart plans where with every post paid plan you sign up for 12 months, the customers gets a free Smart Citifon,” Kula said.