Citizens ‘vital’ in helping police fight crime

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THREE armed men who tried to steal a vehicle were arrested by police assisted by ward 8 community policing volunteers in Madang’s Bukbuk, New Town area, on Monday.
Provincial police commander Insp Anthony Wagambie Jr said the volunteers surrounded the three men who then tried to break free.
The volunteers caught one of them and two others, armed with a home-made gun and a bush knife, were caught by police.
Insp Wagambie Jr said the engagement of community volunteer policing had led to a decline in major crimes in the province.
“I am thankful to Madang communities for providing vital information and helping police catch criminals and troublemakers.
“Madang had experienced a lot of crimes over the past months but through the engagement and support of the community like the volunteers, the arrest of suspects have led to a decline in major crimes.
“The volunteers are led by Senior Constable Adam Yawing, the task force squad and other sections of the police,” he said.